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Order #11408: !Expedite Please!


Is there any way to expedite shipping of this bee suit kit?

2-day? Overnight?

Certainly invoice me the extra appropriate charge.

Thank you.

PS: @MartinB and/or @Faroe… Pretty please?


I’m sorry we aren’t able to expedite shipping.
Any bee suits that are in stock are shipped as soon as the order is placed.
Other bee suits that are out of stock will be sent as soon as they arrive in to the distribution centres around the world.


My impression is that you speak of how quickly it goes out your door.
Are there options for how quickly the transit goes.
2-day? Overnight?

Thank you.


Once the product ships it is usually very quick. But it depends where we are shipping to, etc.

Some people receive it in a day, others a week. Due to the large volume of orders being processed we do not have different options for how quickly transit goes. It is usually by air over to the main dispatch warehouses, and then onto a DHL truck, or something similar.

We have been choosing the quickest method of shipment in each case, often costing more than what we have charged for shipping.



Thank you for this quick reply as well as the policy of shipment speed choice. Much appreciated.

Will I receive email notification of the tracking number once it goes out the door?

Thank you again.


Yes. You are supposed to receive an email with tracking info - number, etc., so you can track your delivery online. You can then contact the courier directly with any delivery requests.

If you have a phone number on your account - the courier can contact you directly if there are any delivery issues.
If you have not added your phone number already, you can login to your account and add it here - https://www.honeyflow.com/user (you just use the same email address as when you ordered).


Just checked order status…QUEUED.
"Dispatch within 7 days"
You had characterized as “immediate” is when in stock items are shipped.
Is the 7 days for dispatch what Flow terms as immediate…relatively speaking?

Thank you.