Cutting or Building Your Langstroth Hive to Fit Flow Frames

We want Flow™ to be adaptable and as affordable as possible so we have designed it so you can use your own boxes. The Flow™ Frames are designed to fit Langstroth size deep boxes (although they will adapt to others) and are inserted into standard bee supers (boxes) in much the same way as standard frames. The box itself is modified by cutting two access doorways in one end. When the frames are inserted, the ends of the frames form the end of the super. This allows access to the operating slots and honey pipe outlets and a great view into the hive.

We have the measurements and instructions to modify your langstroth hive to fit the various Flow™ Frame configurations.
Visit our website to download the latest PDF: There may be some changes, so make sure you get the latest version before doing the cuts
I thought I’d start this discussion to offer assistance and to get feed back from people who are modifying their hives. Let us know if you have any dramas or if you think of better ways to modify the langstroth boxes.
There is also a video on modifying the super for the 3 frame kit