Modify the flowframe

Dear all!
I’m new to beekeeping, but has followed the flowhive since the crowdfunding. Now the kids are a bit older and have startes to share my facination for bees.
It appeals to me to be able to harvest the hony without the equipment needed for traditional frames. However, living in Norway, the readily available hives are of Norwegian Standard (NS) (HWL: 270x380x380mm), and the Langstroth frames will not fit (I think I will have to go with NS hive due to cold Weather, and the lokal hives here are made from PS and well insulated).
So, to my question; I see on the flowhive web page that the length of the flowframe can be modified, but I can not find any description on how to do it, or anyone that has actually Done this. Can someone Please provide links to videos or descriptions of real world experience on this?

Thanks for your help

You can easily shorten the frame.

I would suggest getting a wood box in the NS standard dimensions to fit on top of your polystyrene brood box and modify it to accommodate the shortened flow frames.

Or, as your box is narrower in both width and length you could cut down a flow super to fit your modified frames.

Sorry I don’t have any actual first hand experience…

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Hi Kristian, welcome to the forum.
Here’s one that chau missed which may be of help.