Beehaus panelling question

I’m hoping someone may have insight into a difficulty that I have come across. I have 8 hives all national deeps and one being a Beehaus. I share an apiary with another gent who has 10 hives all langstroth (flow hives). We treat all our hives with Oxalic acid vapour using the gas vap system. My problem is that getting vapour into the Beehaus is problematic due to the entrances being horizontal and facing downwards and it’s difficult getting the nozzle in the hole. My other hives I have drilled an 8mm hole at the back of the brood box just above the varroa mesh floor. My question is, are all the Beehaus panels blown plastic with a cavity or is there a solid panel that I could drill through without leaving a cavity for the bees to wrongly get into. Tia

Hi Gary your apiary sounds interesting. Would love to see some photos of the shared space and the hives being managed there.

Back to Beehaus - I don’t have any experience with them but I would either contract the supplier or a specific help group for them to get the information you are looking for. Either way you may be able to use a metal tub to fit in the hold you drill. Depending on how neat you would like this to be you could use a threaded flange and put a cap on the outside for when not in use.

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Thanks for your reply, this is a pic of part of our apiary.