Beekeepers in the Dandenongs

OK There are Top Bar Hives the traditional way or you can make a more oblong bodied one, which would be better for fitting your Flow Frames.

Can I suggest getting the pattern for the traditional TBH and making it oblong to the dimensions of a brood box only 3 times as long.

There are loads of patterns to be had but you need it to accommodate traditional Langstroth Frames or go frame-less and just be able to fit the Flow Frames

This is from the Barefoot Beekerp - Ive been on one of Phil’s courses

This is a video fro you tube

All you need is an ordinary brood frame and you can build your box around that.
Top bar beekeeping is not for beginners in my opinion as it is difficult to inspect them. Learn to handle your bees in a traditional hive then make a top bar if you like

@Caleb_Wallace Caleb I notice the Collingwood Children’s Farm have just what you are looking for.

See if you can contact them for more info. They are just off Studley road in Collingwood/Abbotsford area you may be able to go visit if you ask - probably take you an hour to get there unless you come on the new link road I get the impression it’s a toll road though.

From Kew junction it is just up off Studley park road ( I used to live in Kew)

Thankyou so much for your information, it looks like I am taking the kids to collingwood children’s farm soon!!!

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For anyone that is interested I started making my Long Hive, here are a few pictures, I still have a fair bit to do in cutting entries and ventilation, however I am pretty happy with what I have done so far!, I will be adapting it for the flow frames, once I order and receive them, my plan is to be ready for Bees in spring, still 9 months away, but I am quite excited about it.


What a beautiful work of art.
I have mostly poly hives but I do like the look of wooden ones.
My next project…well, one day, will be to make a double skinned Lang long hive and fill the cavity with insulation. The bees will then be in a “tree”

Wow, Just WOW! That is a beautiful piece of work. Love it. What kind of wood did you use?


Thanks for the feedback, :smile: for the main body of the hive I have used spotted gum. It is a ridiculously heavy timber so the hive will not be portable, but it is a naturally durable timber.
I manufacture laminated timber for a living so I have used leftovers and off its to make it.
For the top I have used pine so it is not as heavy to lift.

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I thought it looked familiar.
I have a chopping board made of similar wood. Like you say…heavy