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Hi …were are certified organic orchardist’s in the Perth hills, we nuture our bees to love our trees…and in return they give us the nectar of the gods…Our plan is to use the flow hives as a top box on each hive…should be fun to have a play. :smile: .

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Hi Pop. I just began bee keeping in January. Have 2 hives, one at home (suburbia) the other on a 10acre block near serpentine. Want to expand to ten hives but need to find sites. Would you or anyone else know where I can start looking. Just last weekend I got a taste of my bees honey, mmmmm so good.

Hi Guys.

I am new to bee keeping in WA, I wanted to see if either of you would like an extra pair of hands to help out in moving/setting up your hives etc in exchange for learning the ropes?

Give me a shout if your interested ;]

The WAAS is meeting this Wednesday night. I have been to one meet and it was very informative with plenty if experienced keepers willing to share info. Also have field excursions on occasion. Check their website. Coming into winter now so not opening hiveds very much. Do you have any hives?

Hi Azzkeil.

Thanks for the heads up, I take it you mean these guys? - http://waas.org.au/index.html

No hives at this stage, am just trying to educate myself first ;]

It is a good idea to read up a bit first, probably best to wait until it starts to warm up again also. I put my first hive in at the end a Jan and they only just made enough honey to get through winter. Would highly recommend coming along tomorrow night, beginner’s corner starts at 6:45pm

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Sounds like a good idea, I’ll spin by tomorrow for the beginners corner ;]

With winter starting up I can use the time to study up. Does it take them about 6 months to get up to speed and be self sufficient?

Hi, I am from WA, a couple of hours from Perth in the wheatbelt. I am keen to share online information with other WA beekeepers. Travelling to meetings in Perth is not the easiest of ways to communicate, so any online forums apart from this one, dealing with WA topics, would be welcome. Many thanks.

Hi Yabby and welcome. How long have you had bees for? The wheatbelt would be an interesting place to taste honey from.
Here is another site/forum that has an aussie room.

Lots of keepers giving lots if advice.

Hi Azzkell, I am new to beekeeping, but living in the country have watched them for years. I just felt that the flowhive idea was such a good one, I felt compelled to contribute :slight_smile: Anyhow, now its a new hobby and the first thing is to learn as much as possible. I’ve found a guy who is prepared to sell me a Nuc for 190$, ordered a book which details all the gum trees in the State, assembled my flowhive, so now the plan is to learn more and then be ready to go in the spring, when there is alot of food for bees.

Hi Yabby. Yes the flow hive is a great invention and has brought some needed attention to the plight of the bees. Is still more to beekeeping than turning a tap I’m sure you realise and will become more apparent as you read and experience.
Is very exciting getting first hive up and running, although $190 is a little steep, I paid $140 and that was still more than some. I got my nuc from Sharon @ Zees Bees (there is a website). Have you got reading material? The Bee Book is a good read, written by Aussie who is a inspector now I believe, based on QLD but at least its Aussie.
Can start earlier if you have suburban gardens around with many differant varieties, my hive done very well even in winter in suburbia. Honey within 4 mths including winter.

Hi Yabby.

Sounds like an expensive nuc. I hope he’s shipping it to you & you get to keep the box. Which part of the wheatbelt are you in? I’m in Gingin shire.


Hi Azzell, sorry I had missed your response. I have not paid for my Nuc yet, the guy wanted firm payment, which I thought was a bit early for spring delivery, so I am happy to hear what is on offer in West Australia. I can’t make it to meetings in Perth, so am looking for more online information about the WA scene.

Yes I have varied reading material and am learning fast. We don’t have any garden flowers around here, but alot of various gum trees, so I need to find out when and for how long they flower. So spring makes more sense for the nuc hive, as flowers are then assured. I’m also trying to find out what best to feed the bees if their supplies should run out, they need more than just sugar water for any longer period. Some feed out pollen as well as things like lupin flour or soy flour, for the amino acids. So I am trying to learn more.

Hi Exchampagnedrinker, I am open to hearing what Nucs are selling for in WA. I don’t mind paying a bit extra, as long as it is a fair deal, with healthy bees and some starter frames. Quality matters, not just a bargain, but I am open to suggestions as I only need the Nuc in the spring.

I am near Brookton on a farm.