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Beekeeping books I recommend


Australian Bee Journal can be downloaded here for free. Its not a bad read and contains many Australian businesses advertising for bees, tools, woodenware, etc Its based out of Victoria.



Fantastic! A book I haven’t heard of yet :slight_smile: Would you please tell us more about it?


Our library has several books we can borrow for awhile.
What do you guys think of this book:

or this one:

I haven’t read them yet.


I’m really enjoying two podcasts:
Treatment Free Beekeeping and
Organically Managed Beekeeping


Hi thank you so much for this information please could you post some links to those pod cast ?


Kiwimana podcast link


Awesome thank you so much :smiley:



Haven’t made it back through all the threats, but have you been able to find an audible book or 2?



This will show how ignorant I am as relates to podcast.

Are these located on Apple? How do I go about locating these I don’t even know my 1st step. I too as Seb, had stated earlier difficulty reading so anything verbal audio would be of great benefit.

I learn better by listening and seeing than I do by reading for it is very difficult to accomplish.

Thank you for your assistance I will start trying to figure out where these are located. Any help that you can provide would also be beneficial



Hi Marty,

On an iPhone go to the Podcasts app, hit Search, then type in the name of the podcast. Tap on the podcast you want and then subscribe (FREE). Better to subscribe to the whole podcast rather than individual episodes.

Once you have subscribed you will see it in the Podcasts app under My Podcasts.hit the FEED button and it will show all the episodes in order and you can start downloading and playing them.

If you don’t have an iPhone then you can do the same thing through the iTunes program on your desktop.




Thank You so much.

I us my iphone and ipad alot and have apple comupters but never used the podcast. these are great. I was able to 4 of them yesterday on a business trip flight. I listen to a lot of audiobooks this will help supplement those as well

Again, thank you


The Buzz about Bees - Biology of a Superorganism” by Jurgen Tautz
Really interesting lok into the life of bees, well written, and some pretty interesting studies have been discussed in this book (using RFID trackers to find out what bees do, etc)

I borrowed it from my local library.



I did a post of some videos I found on Youtube, here is it here, he is definitely not organic and right at 20 years old but darn good information nevertheless https://www.youtube.com/user/BeeHealth/videos


Hello all,
After many tries I finally found a good quality hard back in this following book. Many many bee keepers I spoke with recommended this one, but many you find are poorly made copies. This one however is outstanding with great color pictures and details from beginning to end on bee keeping. I have only started into it, and have been glued to each page: Check it out if your in need of a good one, happy bee keeping to all"" Randy

The ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture: An Encyclopedia Pertaining to the Scientific and Practical Culture of Honey Bees
Amos Ives Root
Sold by: Amazon.com LLC

Specific Tutorial books

I have been reading Backyard Beekeeper - Revised and Updated, 3rd Edition by Kim Flottum and despite finding the book a little disorganized there is lots and lots of great information.

I also ordered The Beekeeper’s Journal: An Illustrated Register for Your Beekeeping Adventures by Kim Flottum and that is not what I was hoping for. Its a lovely journal with great drawings and nicely produced but I’m not sure how practical it would be. I was hoping to have some more guidance on what notes to keep as a first time beekeeper.


There is one dvd worth it’s weight in gold “The City Of Bees” by the Moody Institute Of Science. Only one book I’d recommend. The Abc to Xyz Of Bee Culture. I only recommend that book to people who are genuinely serious about getting into bees.


I like The City of Bees, or at least the first twenty minutes.

But I think I like the Nova episode Tales of the Hive better.



Also enjoyed the city of bees. Very well explained for a newbie like me. Went off in a very different direction in the end though.