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Beekeeping books I recommend


Hi Sara, many thanks for recommending this video, so many things I know now that I never knew before, it’s fantastic. I’m glad we don’t have those bears in Australia. There’s 2 fantastic videos I’d recommend. One is “hornets from hell” the other is “honey badgers, must watch”. Both are only a few minutes long but very interesting. There’s a few interesting facts in the city of bees that aren’t mentioned in the nova video. Vice versa for that matter. thanks again, bye


I noticed the places where there was lack of overlap also. So it’s good to view both. The photography was over all, more detailed in the newer nova show and I appreciated the up close and minutia rich visuals.


Yes, absolutely, the close up of the queen mating. I never knew she went on more than one mating flight & I never knew the bees could taste through their feet. The other video must be at least 50 years old going by the models of the cars going through customs. I just love the other video because of the amount of information they convey in 20 minutes. I disagree with the 100 drones mentioned in the newer one. The bees will make a whole lot more than that, if given the chance. I also never knew that the bees only assist the drones out of the cells. We put a video on youtube of a bee hatching. We thought it would only take a few minutes the make the video because the cap was nearly off when we started, it took 35 minutes. Makes you appreciate every bee in every hive. If you search “birth of a honeybee” on youtube, you’ll find it. Chances are you’ve probably already seen one or two of my beekeeping videos already. ok, bye ps, mine is the one that goes for 4min 31sec.


Try a Nook or I’d assume Kindle will do it too. There is a feature on the Nook to read the book aloud. I have done this a number of times with Honeybee Democracy on my Nook I find it easier to remember important information if I read it concurrent to hearing the information. I love this feature. These things are not that expensive anymore and there are tons of books in digital format now.

Keep in mind it is a slightly digitized voice so not quite as nice as a true “book on tape”. But the voice is still pretty good.


:smile: Thank you so much, I have tried that a few years ago but for some reason it did not work for me then. I will give it a try again. Thanks for the reminder about Kindle and info


There is a nice selection of downloadable open source (free) books on bee keeping

Bee Keeping Books

And I am really enjoying working my way thru Michael Bush’s site, which pretty much represents the book.


I’ve always found Isaac Hopkins to be a very practical beekeeper. I republished his “Australasian Bee Manual” after spending years tracking it down… I am tempted to also publish the previous edition as it’s much thicker and has more information. He tried to distill it down more in the more recent one.

http://www.bushfarms.com/xstar.htm#Australasian Bee Manual


Has anyone read/implemented ideas from this book?

Swarm Traps and Bait Hives : The Easy Way to Get Bees for Free.

McCartney M Taylor


No, but McCartney produces videos on YouTube as OutOfABlueSky that are very useful for those of us with top bar hives. He’s based around Austin, Texas. Worth watching, also for those who have Langs but are going foundationless.