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Beekeeping books in Thai

I keep bees on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts in the U.S. I have a friend who is from Thailand who speaks OK English but cannot read it. She has asked me to teach her beekeeping, which I’ve agreed to, but I need to get her a beekeeping book on keeping bees in the U.S. in the Thai language. Do you all have any good recommendations for us?



The best guidance is for your friend to find another local beekeeper to be mentored. While there are books translated (use good to find them) what I think will be a problem is that most if not all of them are not meant for that climate which has unique characteristics of high moisture levels, and species of bees are different from what I’ve read. You want them to have the best experience but I doubt it will be anything like what we know in North America.


Thanks for your response and I hear what you’re saying, but I’m plenty capable of mentoring her because she understands and speaks English well. However, she needs a book to enhance her understanding of beekeeping. So, I’m trying to track down a book on beekeeping in the U.S. translated into Thai. I realize a beekeeping book for keeping bees in Thailand won’t serve our needs here on Nantucket.

Thanks again!


I wasn’t trying to say you can’t help— if you know all about the type of bees they have there and their methods to keep them then that is awesome! I’m sure a local beekeeper in their area would have advice about a native language book, that was what I was trying to suggest but was clumsy in my first answer.

I would suggest that you tell her to go onto the flow hive website and join the beekeeping cost it is very helpful. To start and to find a local mentor as well

Thanks for the help, Tim and Mike, but I don’t think I’m reaching you. I live on Nantucket Island off the southeast coast of Massachusetts in the U.S. I keep bees here. I have a friend who is from Thailand who also lives here on Nantucket. She’s asked me to be her mentor and I’ve agreed, but she doesn’t read English very well, so I’m trying to find a beekeeping book that is written in the Thai language that she can read and refer to while be mentored by me here on Nantucket Island.

OMG that now makes sense-- the way I read your original post I thought you were mentoring her from Nantucket to Thailand!!! Too funny. Ok, now I get you. Sorry I misunderstood.

Hi Peter,

I am living since 2002 in Thailand and since I am planing seriously to retire on a permaculture farm the bees of my grandfather came back in my mind.
As young boy the bees were quick part of my life when it came to sort out some ‘bullies’ in the hood.
Get chased, knock at the bee shed, and enjoy the stings but make sure you stay cool when the ‘bully’ was screaming for help and attracted more and more winged bodyguards with is movements.

More I learned on just one weekend visiting the Big Bee Farm in Pattaya.
Due to the COVID situation I don’t know if they are opening but there is a lot of knowledge available and as far I remember they have books in Thai too.