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Beekeeping Institute (look)


This ain’t your local club’s bee school kids :wink:

If you’re in the southeastern portion of the US and want to learn…A LOT, consider attending.

The UGA Honey Bee Program offers an annual Georgia beekeeping event in cooperation with Young Harris College. It provides a vast amount of information in the form of lectures, workshops & demonstrations from esteemed local, regional, national and international beekeeping practitioners, authors, & researchers. The event also features hands-on training classes, beekeeping and honey judging certification programs, a distinguished regional honey show, multiple awards programs, and a renowned dinner party, and many other educational opportunities. Since 1992, the Young Harris Beekeeping Institute (YHBI) has been the single most comprehensive opportunity in the Southeast for concentrated training in all aspects of practical beekeeping.

I cannot attend this year but next year I will be seeking my certification.




In Georgia, we love our bees.

A Resolution

Designating the honeybee as the official State insect; and for other purposes.

Whereas, honey produced by honeybees provides significant income to an important section of Georgia’s economy; and

Whereas, the honeybee is a valuable asset to the agricultural interests of this State; and

Whereas, if it were not for the cross-pollination activities of honeybees for over fifty different crops, we would soon have to live on cereals and nuts; and

Whereas, the honeybee far surpasses any other insects insofar as its contributions to man; and

Whereas, the importance of the honeybee to the agricultural interest and the welfare of the citizens of the State should be appropriately recognized.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia that the honeybee is hereby designated as the State of Georgia’s official insect.

Approved April 18, 1975.

Source: Ga. Laws 1975, pp. 927-928.

GA Code: 2-14-41.1. Prohibition against restriction of honeybee production or
No county, municipal corporation, consolidated government, or other
political subdivision of this state shall adopt or continue in effect
any ordinance, rule, regulation, or resolution prohibiting, impeding,
or restricting the establishment or maintenance of honeybees in hives.
This Code section shall not be construed to restrict the zoning
authority of county or municipal governments.


looks pretty cool. Way out of the way for me though. If you end up going I would interested to get the readers digest version of what you find out.


Wonder how much it cost… No pricing on the website.


ADULT: Thursday ONLY ($150)
ADULT: Friday ONLY ($130)
ADULT: Saturday ONLY ($100)
ADULT: Thursday through Saturday ($300)
CHILD: Thursday ONLY ($100)
CHILD: Friday ONLY ($65)
CHILD: Saturday ONLY ($50)
CHILD: Thursday through Saturday ($150)
YOUNG HARRIS STUDENT ($100) - Status must be verified


I won’t go til next year. You cannot take the certified beekeeper exam w/o documented proof of a year’s experience keeping bees.