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Beekeeping School!


Learned a lot at bee school yesterday and I am now an official member of the Cherokee Beekeeper’s Club!
This is a county in the state of Georgia in the U.S.

I got confident enough to pull a full frame of bees from a hive and inspect it without gloves, hat or veil!

Yes, some crawled on my hands and a couple landed on my head but they weren’t upset so no stings
I won a 10-frame starter hive as a raffle prize too!


Well done you - not all bees will be so nice so do take care.

I can go gloveless with my bees but some I would not trust.


Thank you and trust me @Valli, I’m not trying to set a precedent :wink:

Given the several hives we worked with had been transported that morning as well as the day being overcast, cool and sprinkling, I was well-prepared for a different outcome.

My prize! Won’t go well with my Flow, but at least I have room to expand should I split or need to stave off a swarm.


You will find any equipment will be useful - it is Langstroth so not bad all in all - you can never have too much equipment


I saw these nice quiet bees one day while removing bees for a place that does weddings… it was only a handful so I just put on some short gloves to pick them up and put them in a box… what could possibly go wrong :smile:

so I put both hand around the beard on the side of the barrel and boom!!!

I got 6 stings on my bare arms… :joy: