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Looking for beekeepers in GA USA


Hi We are new to beekeeping and just got our bee kit…anyone in Georgia? We are in Eatonton.


Not in Georgia, but next door in SC (Columbia). Just put my boxes together last weekend, going to a beekeeping boot camp next Saturday, and get my bees on April 23.


You should join your local beekeeper’s association.

I’d start with those folks. You’re gonna need some help, mentoring, and ultimately, some bees.
The Beekeepers of Putnam County meet every third Tuesday at the Putnam County Extension Office. Dinner served at 6PM ($2 donation accepted). General meeting starts at 6:30PM.

I bet they’re awesome


I just got my Flow Hive yesterday. putting it together this weekend. I’m in Gwinnett County. this is my first time beekeeping as well. looking for locals to learn from as well. :slight_smile:



Start there.