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Beekeeping Mentor for a School Project (Vietnam)


We would like to start a community Bee Hive project at the school where I work but we will need some expert guidance as we start the project and ongoing training. Anyone in Vietnam? Or the Hanoi area?
Or perhaps you have experience with online mentor programmes? Can you recommend one?



Do you have any experience with honeybees ?? Hanoi climate is probably similar to Washington have four distinct seasons.

I recommend watching You-tube video. Look for ones where Beekeepers are found in more northerly region as well as England n Europe…

If your serious I’d start watching some of Flow-hives basic beekeeping video. Also realize there are basic beekeeping principals but we raise our bees a bit different each of us. Some reasons are some methods work better for different climate. Beekeeping would be different for Saigon than it is Hanoi. Bees would have year around nectar in the South but non up North during late fall n winter.

Realize there will be ups n downs … Failures n great accomplishments. It’s like anything it’s a learning curve. I’m curious … Are you a teacher n if so what subjects ? I’m not trying to be nosey but seeing if I’m might help or not. Others will soon read your post here also and add advice n help. Be patient please.

. Few pix’s of my Vn family n ESL class giving me my 71st birthday party in my adopted daughters home.

Stay in touch if you can. Love to help as I can.