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Vietnamese Beekeeper


Are there any Vietnamese beekeeper wanting to connect here ?


Chao nguoi Viet, I would enjoy chatting with Vietnamese beekeeper. Ong Jerry chua viet hay noi tieng Viet gioi lam nhung toi muon noi voi nguoi Viet about bees (con ong va mat ong).


Chuc mung Le Giảng sinh hanh phuc voi suc khoe tot !


Here I am with my adopted Vn grandaughter !


Hi. I live in Hanoi and am looking for a beekeeping mentor. Do you keep bees? Are you in Hanoi?


Chao Emma,

Khong ! Toi Khong song o thanh pho o Hanoi … I live in the USA gan o thanh pho Seattle. And Yes ! I am a beekeeper here. Sorry I could only help you here or E-mail only.

. We live in similar climates with four seasons but different cultures.

I do have adopted Vn family n only speak poor to fair Tiếng Viet still. Hmm, your name is not very Vietnamese. Have you lived in the Hanoi region long ? I think it would be interesting to try raising honey bees there. Not sure where you would acquire bees or beekeeping supplies but I know there are a few beekeeper in Nam… They seldom keep using this forum because of language I am guessing. I do have many ban Vn here. They often come n visit my apiary here n I
help them with questions about keeping.

Let me know if we or I can help from a distance. Still finding a local mentor is very important as well.

Chuc Emma may man tot … He gap lai,