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Bee's honey vs. honey super honey

Hello everyone, when you add your honey super, will the bees only store honey in the honey super or will they also store some in the brood boxes below?

They will store it wherever they want it. :blush:

Late in the season, they tend to pack more and more into the brood box as winter approaches and the queen slows down her laying. However, this is just a tendency, not an absolute. The only thing that you can be sure of, is that you can’t make them do what you want. :smile:


Hi Chris, the bees will expand their hive into the honey super. By adding a honey super, we suddenly increase the space available to the bees, so as you can imagine, they will just naturally use that space to increase their brood & stored honey while the conditions are favorable for them to do so.

Just a little side note: They don’t view the QX as a barrier to the queen. They will prepare the comb & leave it empty for her to lay in just as if it wasn’t there.


This is probably why my Flow frames were full but it took ages for them to cap them all. That makes sense now.


makes sense…this answers one of my previous questions i think

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