Bees in Okinawa

Hi there - does anyone know where I can get some honeybees in Okinawa? Thanks in advance!! Jeff

This fellow may be able to help you, or have some advice, or you could try asking your local bee club:

Dear Faroe,

Having received your mail (below) I have a question.

Is this a kind of reminder? If so, what should I do?

Best regards,

Hiroshi Miyazaki

Hello Hiroshi,

Jeff @RainbowHoney-Okinawa would like some bees in Okinawa. I suggested you might know some suppliers or that he contact his local bee club.

I didn’t look at the map though, and now realise you may be a bit far from Jeff. But it is still good to have contacts with people in the same region :slight_smile: I was also sharing your success with the Japanese bees.

:honeybee: Faroe

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Hi Hitoshi-San,

I’m Jeff. I live in Okinawa. Faroe is helping me find honey bees!

It’s nice to meet you!