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Compatibility of flow hives for Sri Lankan honey bee Apis cerana indicaor

My name is lahiru. I am form Sri Lanka. I am looking forward to buying a flowhive for keeping Apis cerana indicaor. i heard that Apis cerana indicaor is much smaller than the bees that you have in Australia. because of this the flow hive honey combs can be lager than the typical honey combs built by the Apis cerana indicaor. will that be a problem?

There is a Japanese beekeeper who has posted here. He is keeping Apis cerana japonica very successfully in a hive with a Flow super. I am not an expert on Apis cerana, and I understand that there are some differences, but you might want to read some of his posts.

If you use the magnifying glass search tool at the upper right of your screen, you can search for Apis cerana and find a lot more posts. :blush:

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Hi Lahiru,

Our hives and frames are not ideally suited to Apis Cerana Indica. Our standard Flow Frames are built to suit the various subspecies of Apis Melifera. We do have customised frames to suit Apis Cerana Japonica but these are specific to Japonica and may not be as well suited to Cerana Indica.

Please let me know if you’d like any more information on this.