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Bees in peril - working together to find a solution

Following my “criminal” introduction of my extended family to beekeeping last week another one shared an article with me while visiting today. This is now the second person to share an article with me. It’s amazing how that one show and tell raised their awareness of bee issues.


Costco is a large group-buying chain in the US. this is good for raising awareness.

What’s unfortunate is that Costco (Kirkland) honey is ultra filtered and has no sign of pollen. If Costco really felt passionate about this topic they would sell raw unprocessed honey.



It improves shelf life
Natural unprocessed honey might granulate in a few weeks and look ghastly in the jar. Granulated honey can ferment.

@dee, with all due respect, I don’t buy the excuse. What you say just isn’t true.

Honey over 5,500 years old has been found in Egypt to be perfectly edible. I don’t understand why commercial retail does this unless it’s just to improve the viscosity to make filtering faster.

Oh no Bess is in trouble!!! Terrible…
Are honey bees really in trouble or is it the native bees that are suffering due to their forage being unavailable for various reasons including honey bees?
Although I don’t mind crystallised honey I know several people who prefer store bought treated honey as it doesn’t crystallise which was Dee’s point about shelf life, not so much for it going off. I don’t think the honey found in Egypts tombs would still have been fluid.


I wasn’t defending the practice just explaining why it’s done.


worth reading … https://honeybeesuite.com/lets-save-the-right-bees/