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Bees in trhe southern Highlands NSW


Ive bought the hive & yet to assemble it but I was wondering where to buy bees ?
I had a hive before - not much luck with honey - perhaps a bit exposed the site but I intend to put this one in a sheltered spot
Best wishes


Sheltered from wind, yes. Sheltered from sun, no. Otherwise. You will never handle the beeltles.



Hi Lesley, bees are in large demand, you may need to put your name down on a waiting list for Packages, Nucs or Swarms. Have you joined up with a local beekeeping club as they can assist in sourcing bees. If you are already experienced in handling bees then join up to SwarmPatrol.com and go and collect a swarm of bees when it is reported in your vicinity. Cheers Rod


Thanks Rob – that is so helpful



Thanks again ! great info L