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Beginner Hives - Different Breeds

Hello All,

I am just getting started as a beekeeper and reading up before nuc’s are ready to be purchased next year.

I have been reading that 2 hives is preferred. I have purchased one Flow Hive and one Traditional Hive.
My question is, since I am going to have two hives can I have two different bee breeds for each hive? Or would it be preferred to keep both hives the same breed?

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Hi, we have three different breeds at the Flow office (over about 25 hives) - you can certainly keep different breeds if you prefer. You may find that it’s easier to get two nucs of the same type though, depending on what’s available and suits your area. The Flow (and Langstroth) hives will accommodate any subspecies of Apis Melifera (European Honey Bees).

Yes you can have a different species in each of the hives. But as a beginner my advice is to keep it simple and check with your local be group as to what species they prefer and I would go by their recommendation. Your climate might make one species really stand out as preferred for honey production. You should also ask about the temperament of a species that interests you.
I live in a sub-tropical climate so here the Italian strain is by far the most popular and they are a calm bee when often although I have my smoker working some days it isn’t used, but like any other bee species they can have a bad day. A day when thunderstorm are in the area I take the day off :wink:
Welcome to the forum, lots of good reading and folks happy to give you tips and advice.


Hi Zeus. I would experiment with Italians and Carniolans. Why not?
The Carnies start foraging earlier at end of winter and might have a box full of brood already when your Italian Queen just wakes up.
Also, the Carnies have a longer proboscis and can access deeper flowers. So, assuming you have good queens, you will get a greater variety of honey.
Go for it!
I have both, and some wild mixtures from local feral swarms. Love the differences.