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Hello, from Ohio!

I am a new beekeeper. I received my flow for Mother’s Day.
It’s all put together, but have to wait on the flows. They are saying sometime in June. Wondering if I can start to add bees before the flows arrive? Also, which breed of bee is the nicest? Thank you :blush:

Hi and welcome.

You can get started straight away. Introducing a nuc and allowing them to build up into a strong colony then when all the frames are fully drawn, stores, brood and needing space you can introduce the flow super.

You could source a standard super and if the flow frames are late arriving add it and have honey comb or spare frames of honey for winter stores.

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Welcome to the forum Chris. Ok, your hive is assembled but have you painted or oiled it yet? Funny with the excitement something so basic can be forgotten.
As to which breed of bee is the nicest what matters more than the breed is how you care for them, manage the hive and weather conditions. Bee temperament can be genetic but not bee strain related.
I use Italian strain of bees, some days I can work in the hive in a T shirt and shorts and on other days a full suit is needed.
If your hive is ready for bees then do it now so that they can settle down and build up bee numbers to be a strong as possible when there is a flow happening. Feeding can help a colony build up faster.

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I just oiled it today. I used timber oil. I did not do the inside. I ordered a hybrid bee. Italian, Russian and Caroilian mixed. I’m sure I spelled that wrong. :laughing: I hope they are nice.
Thank you for responding back.


Hi @Chris_Naylor those are the same three subspecies we have at the office. I’d spell it Carniolan… but I’m a relative newbee too (after four years) so don’t assume that makes it correct :wink:

You have done it right to not oil the inside Chris. Put a second coat of oil on the outside and the top and bottom edges as well as rain water can sit in there and can become an issue in timber life. Allow at least a week, preferably two, after the second coat for it to dry and fume off.
Your right about the spelling error, it is Carniolan, (Carnies for short) but no worries, understand what your saying.

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That’s the spirit. Nothing like good old fashioned getting your hands dirty. Have fun and you’ve endless help and expertise on here and I’m sure locally that will keep you right.

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Where in Ohio? I’m still pondering my hive options and would love to see one in person… I’m in Columbus.

Belmont county. About 2 hours east. I lived in Pickerington for 10 years.