Beginner to Honey Bees

I live in Coweta County which is just south of the airport. The Coweta Beekeepers meet the 2nd Monday of each month at the county fairgrounds.

Congrats on your purchase. I’m waiting until after the meeting Monday before I make the purchase. There’s a bee farm in Jonesboro, GA that sells complete hives, ready to go. I may do that and the purchase the Flow Hive Super.
Have you started your hive yet?

I only plan on having1 or 2 hives in my backyard. Would I need a separate flow hive for each?

@BBerry The choice is yours and depends on how the Flow in you area is.
Your in Georgia so you would need to contact local clubs and find out what the nectar Flow is like.

If the Flow is slow you may get away with one or two Frames per Hive - but it is also a personal choice you need to make

Thanks Valli. I think I may have asked my question wrong. It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep because of my wife’s snoring :). Can a Flow Hive Super be used across multiple hives? Or, is it best for each hive to have its own Flow Hive Super?


@BBerry Theoretically you can use 1 Flow frame per hive again this is a personal choice thing :wink:

Welcome to the bee world! I am currently in my first winter keeping bees and learning as I go. I am located east of Atlanta. I currently have 2 hives and a nuc (weak hive from mites that is recovering nicely, lesson learned). I have one hive running a 8 frame deep and medium langstroth. My other one is currently 3 mediums. I am still waiting on my flow frames. My local contact runs his hives in a deep with medium for stores to overwinter his hives. I am leaning towards going with all mediums for the brood chamber. 3 mediums is about the same as 2 deep boxes. My reasoning is that mediums, imo, are easier to handle and move especially when filled with honey going into winter. That being said, most nucs sold are in the deep variety unless you specifically ask for a medium nuc. I believe the seller in jonesboro does make mediums on request too.
As to flow frames, I am planning to run 2 7 frame flows on two of my hives and my third hive will be the traditional hive once it rebounds from mite loss. As was stated, you can get one and split the frames into multiple hives as they are individual frames. You just need to modify the boxes you place them so they fit. I ordered the frames and boxes as I am not the greatest woodworker. LOL
I can tell you a little about our local nectar flow too. The main flow here in georgia usually runs from march through jun-july. After this, we have minor flows but not enough for honey other than stores to leave bees. It is dependant on location as well. I have a LOT of wild privet that grows around here. You may have something down where you are that is a major flow that I don’t get even though I am just 1.5 hours away from you. The major flow here ends with sumac. Another reason to meet with the locals!!

I would also suggest, that if you order the flow frames and don’t get them until late in the flow not to put them on the hives until next year. New hives are in building mode when you get them. They will use a lot of nectar and pollen to build up numbers and comb, especially in new equipment. If you get lucky, as I did with my hives, to get a really good flow the first year go for it! The hardest part, is knowing when to put the box on. If you put on early the bees may move up and not finish all the frames in the other boxes (ask me how I know this).

UGA has a good guide to nectar flows.

Hope this is helpful!!

Thanks for the info BradC. I ordered the Flow Super today. I had already purchased 2 deeps and a traditional super. I may just use all three as brood and the flow super. I’ll see how things go. I’m attending an 8 hour beekeeping course this Saturday. The registration for the class included a membership to the county beekeeping club. I’ll be counting on those guys for a lot of mentoring.

Thanks again for the info.

No problem. The extra super would give the bees extra stores for winter as well. Good luck with the class.

We have not started ours yet…planning to get this process started next week. We are south of you in Cander County…about 60 miles slightly north and west of Savannah. I am going to search for any bee keepers club near us. I feel sure that I might find one in Savannah, hopefully closer. Hope you have great success!

Awesome I wish you much success as well. I was just in Statesboro, GA today. That’s near you I think.