Bending the tube for flow hive

When I have inserted the plastic tube to let honey flow from the flow hive, i have unfortunately bent the little tag end of the supplied tube and ruined the end of the tube. I have now done this twice (silly me)

The procedure I follow is: insert tube, twist to seal. This is when I usually bend or break the tag.
What am i dong wrong? Anyone else have this issue?
Many thanks

No need to twist. It just goes straight in.


Hi Neil, I’ve never heard this happen before. Please forward this info including photos to the Flow customer support team at, for our reference and the opportunity to help you with replacements if you need them.

As Jeff said, no need to twist. You just need to insert the lip on the tube into the leak back point space at the bottom of the honey trough outlet.

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Here is a pic of the tab…The tab peeled because I thought I needed to push tube in and twist to lock in. Will remember to just push tube in.
Thank you for the messages.


It doesn’t “twist-lock” as you now know. In order to help you get it the right way up, the Flow symbol should be on the uppermost side. I painted all of mine with red nail polish, to make sure that I put them in right side up… :blush:

See the 0:24 time stamp on this video to see what I mean:


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