Flow tube keeps falling out during harvest

The tubes that came with my original flow and the ones I bought to try to fix the problem are the same problem they do not stay in. I am ready to retire the flow as so much honey all over. So glad I do not trust it and remove the flow to harvest or again I would have flooded the bottom box. I was so careful to slowly open and then it just kept slipping out. Left it outside hope the bees enjoy the honey. Anyone have a fix to prevent the plastic tube the fits into the flow frames from coming out no matter how I put the little tab the hard plastic flow tube just comes out?

Are you still using extension tubes attached to the flow tubes? Or, I seem to remember seeing a picture of you harvesting off the hive on a picnic table with extensions…

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yes those are what keep falling out I hook tubing to those.

Have you tried it without tubing attached?

I made a hole in the side of a 1qt yogurt container and hung this from the flow tube and then put my container (1/2 gal ball jar) under. Keeps the bees away for the most part and it’s not as much force on the flow tube. I think there’s a video somewhere of cedar demonstrating this technique.

I have not been able to find a good way to set up with extensions on the flow tubes, they also fall out. But I see that many people have done this successfully, I wonder if the tubing I am using is too heavy/stiff.

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Hi mate, I have the 25mm extension tube going into a pail with 25mm holes in the lid on it. The tube is an interference fit in the pail lid and because of this I can actually get back pressure from the pail to the frame. I need a brick for weight to begin but once the honey starts to fill the brick isn’t required.
I’m one of the fortunate ones who hasn’t had an issue with the frames and have each frame generation.
I think this makes sense.:flushed:

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The flow tube falls out even when free flowing into a jar. :unamused:

yes, I have it flow into a large tube and today although the flow was controled when the extension falls comses out honey all over and I have to hold the extension with one hand.

Do you run the tube through a lid with a 25mm hole in it? I do it much the same as skeggs and find the tube running through the lid holds it (the whole tube) more firmly in place - mind you the tube needs to be a snug fit through the bucket lid.

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In a situation like you’re describing, I would wrap 1 layer of masking tape tightly around the end of the tube to see if it fits tighter. I would play around with that until I got a tight fit.

The extension will not sit in the flow hive. The tube does not really move it goes into a bucket and is clipped. The plastic tube comes out with or without tubing.Thanks

Fair enough. I find with my set-up. the angle of the tube pushes back on the flow super and holds it nicely in place. It has fallen out, on occasion, when I check or adjust the bucket for an airlock.
Jeff might have the solution for you with the tape then. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Well at this point I paid to much money for tape and it just will not fit into the frame deep enough for tape to help. I think it is just a poor design or a mis made flow system. It appears that there is not a fix it needs to fit into the flow frame and does not go in enough to hold. I think I am over it. I have too many regulare hives that are just not such a hassle. I guess from responses it is just a non fitting part. Right now the flow is on a table outside I can’t get the bees off and it is full of honey. Don’t want to risk robbing my other hives. I will put it in a wagon an move it from the hves and be done with it. The bees can have the honey. I put a regular box of frames on my flow hive. I have enjoyed the journey sadly me and Flow hive are done if there is not a piece that allows me to remove the honey without pouring it all over. So mad now it was great honey and such a waste.Thank you though.

Thank you I know others have fixed this with all things holes and placement and angles. But really I should be able to put the plastic extension in and open it and it should pour into a bottle the extensions should not fall out ever. The use of tubing is only to keep the bees out of the honey and allows me to use a bucket. You are correct regarding your system and it probably works well . I mean lots of people have ;flows. Anyways wish it worked for me. I was an original go fund me suppotyrt and I have had nothing but headaches each time I use it. But it got me into bees and so that is a good thing.

Why can’t you get the bees off? Just shake or brush the bees off each frame in front of the entrance, before bringing them inside, one at a time. Then shake the bees off the super. That’s pretty well what I would do.

I have a Flow frame next to me, I was going to offer to see if the masking tape does the trick.

Wilma here. Jeff was curious to see if a bit of masking tape would solve the problem. It worked like a dream. It is very tight and won’t fall out


Sorry that you have reached this point of frustration.

I still wonder if it is a problem with the design or the fit of your part. Do you have some pictures of the situation or a video of the process that we could see?

I also wonder if the flow folks would want you to send some of the pieces back for them to look at.

Maybe @Freebee2 or @Bianca has other suggestions.

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My bees usually propolis the bottom part of where the flow tube fits. I have no problem with it sticking. Can you rob some propolis and use that as adhesive for your tubing?


Ok so I have 10 large langstroth hives and my flow. I remove my flow frames and inspect and then because of honey flood I NEVER harvest the flow on my box. So I remove frames and set in a box on top of another crate so when I open the flow the bees can escape and do not drown in the honey from the frames. Yesterday the failure of the drain caused a honey mess and I I only was able to remove a portion of honey. Did not know what to do with the flow half full of honey and I could not pick it up to remove it too heavy and so they started to cover it. I imagine removing all the honey. Too many bees, too much honey all over. So I left it and covered it with a sheet hoping they would go in a night. Well last night went out and it was covered in bees. Not sure what to do but… I see your tape job. Would it be a bad idea to let the bees take this honey and regroup clean up the frames and see if I can tape the end to try use this again. Not sure why such a lousy desgn they should have put a screw end or something.

Yes I think that would be a good idea. I was also thinking about what @Martha mentioned about propolis. Anyway just one layer of masking tape makes a nice firm fit. Just leave about 2mm overhang, like in my photo. Then fold it over so that the tape stays put while sliding & twisting it in.


It’s a shame that the tubes you have don’t fit and that it is leaving a bad taste in your mouth after 7 years of owning your Flow frames, as I said earlier there’s no problem with any of mine and I’ve not seen this issue before. Curious, how would a screw end work with the clearing tab on the tube?

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yea me too I wiil try the tape and now it is covered with bees still so will just let them bee we are expecting some rain maybe they will leave it. So I had ordered a pack of parts just in case I lost one and both the ones I had and the new ones are same size. Propolis could work or putty, but will try the tape first. I hope Flow sees that is is a concern and changes it as people should not need to tape but hey I will try, Thank you all and sorry didnt take pictures my gloves and everything just covered with honey. No touchy my phone.