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Bottom/multifunctional board

I have noticed a pooling of oil on the platform my hive sits on located at back corner of my hive since I started. I have not been able to figure out what is causing it until today. I place oil in my bottom boards to help with pests and I found that the oil is from a leak. There is a crack at the back corner of the board that has probably been there the whole time and gone unnoticed until closer inspection. How can a go about getting a replacement board?

Perhaps @Freebee2 or @Bianca can help, or you could send an e-mail with photos and your order number to info@honeyflow.com


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Do you mean that you place oil in the tray that goes under your screen bottom? Do you have a FH2 with a white tray? I think the most definitive solution, if that’s the case, is to get a replacement tray, the new yellow tray for the FH2+. Otherwise, cleaning the area of the tray very well and using a solvent PVC glue to repair might be your best bet.

Yes. It’s the white tray. I’ve looked online and don’t see where you can purchase those as replacement or individual parts. Would fumes from the glue not be a concern for the bees?

I will try that. Thank you.

Probably not but let it completely cure before putting back into service.

I don’t see it on the USA store website but here’s the link for the EU store:

You can email Flow like @Dawn_SD and they can help get the order together.

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Hi Amanda,

As Dawn and Alok have pointed out, spare trays are available for separate purchase through the spares page on our web stores.

Please do email info@honeyflow.com if you need any assistance with this issue or with placing an order.

Thank you everyone for your advice. I emailed them and they were quick to respond and help me get what I needed.

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