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Brisbane/Logan mentor (Australia)

Hoping to find a mentor or even just fellow beekeepers around the Eight Mile Plains/Runcorn suburb area (kinda on the border of Brisbane/Logan). I’ve joined the local bee club but due to Covid they aren’t really meeting often anymore, no meetings scheduled for the rest of 2020 yet :frowning:

I have a new hive arriving late December and although I’ve done lots and lots of reading it’s all theory, would be great to have someone to turn to for advice locally.


Hi Geoff
I don’t have the experience to be a mentor, but I’m happy to bounce ideas back and forth.

Thanks Dave that would be great - I’ve managed to find a mentor of sorts already but as he said, it’s great to know a few people in the area in case my/their hive has a disaster and we can all help each other out, eg a frame of brood.

I’ll pop you a PM if that’s alright?

No problem at all Geoff