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Hoping to find a mentor in the Inner West, Sydney


I am a new and inexperienced beekeeper and currently have one hive that has been up and running for about a week!

I have started with a 5 frame nuc of Italian bees.

I am hoping to find a mentor around my area that can guide me through my beekeeping journey. I live in Earlwood, NSW.

My hive looks good so far but I think because I am super new I am overly cautious of how my bees are doing.

If you are located near me and are happy to offer advice/help please let me know so we can get connected :slight_smile:

Hi Jacqueline,
Have you joined up with a local club as yet. You are not far from the Sydney Bee Club who do bee field days in Randwick. Lots of really good people there who will help guide you.


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Personally, I can thoroughly recommend joining a Bee Club.