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Hello from Newcastle Australia

just wondering if there is anyone else local to me ??

Lots of people!!! :smile:

Sorry, I have a wicked sense of humour. OK, I know you probably mean Flow hive beekeepers. I am sure I have seen others mention Newcastle, but the are tons of forum members in NSW, so you should have plenty of sensible replies here. :blush:


Thanks Dawn, nothing wrong with a good sense of humour, it makes joining a group more fun. I’m only new to beekeeping although I did do a fair bit of research before I took the plunge. Just need to pick the brains of the locals to see if I need to worry about my hive (bit of an overthinker here). cheers.


If you use the search tool at the upper right (magnifying glass thingy) and type in Newcastle, you will find a lot of posts from locals. Just type in their screen name into a message, with an @ symbol in front of it, like @Helga, and the forum will let them know you want to chat.

Oh, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Hi! i am in newcastle!

Hi, how long have you been keeping bees? I’m very new and would like to find out how best to look after my hive with local knowledge.

Sorry Helga - I have only just seen this message! I am very new as well! I only got my bees in March so I am still learning as well. I am in Lake Maquarie and am open to connecting! Where are you based?

I’m sure KimM would love to meet up with you and you maybe help each other along the way, she is at Lake Macquarie too. It can be a big help having 2 pairs of eyes and being able to work along together can be a real confidence boost too.
Cheers, Peter