Brisbane QLD new to bee Keeping

Talk about rain for the next week! I have to move my flow hive. We have sold our house. They are almost finished capping first crop of honey. Moving 10 km to new address. My thoughts are to move the hive 7 pm into back of my van to new address. How heavy ? (Full of honey) I will take the roof off but leave brooder and flow box intact. Should I put a big plastic bag over the whole hive for the 15 minute trip ?

Hi Walter, I would not do that. I’m thinking as a 71 year old with a dodgy back. I would remove the flow frames, leaving the empty flow super intact. I would remove the roof, leaving the crown board. Block the entrance & cover the crown board hole. Then ratchet strap it all together before moving it. Replace the flow frames & roof the next day after the move. If you intend on closing them in for a while, consider screen over the crown board hole & entrance.

That’s my thoughts, cheers

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How much “almost”? If the frames are 90% capped or better, I would harvest, take the super off, then move, as @JeffH suggests. That will make them much lighter and condense the hive for a move - really good idea all around.

I can lift 25 kg for about 30 seconds, but I can’t guarantee being controlled about it. On the other hand, I am a girlie with plenty of decades to my history, so maybe I shouldn’t expect too much? :blush: If I was moving it, I would take off the supers first, exactly as Jeff suggests, then move a much smaller and more easily handled hive after that.

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Hi Dawn, my idea is to leave the empty flow super on the hive to give room for the bees, rather than condense them down to the brood box, seeing as the crown board sits on top of the frames. A deep migratory lid would work & give the bees room. I’m thinking if the empty flow super is wrc, it should be nice & light. Even an empty hoop pine super is not too bad when added to a brood box.

Also @WalterAussie. When you position the hive in your van, it’s best to put the hive in line with the vehicle, with the frames parallel to the road. That way braking and accelerating will be less stressful on the bees. Edit: PS. go easy on the corners :slight_smile: