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Broken Observation Window

I accidentally broke my observation window during set up of my new flowhive. I don’t see one in spare parts but have to imagine i am not the first schmuck to do this?

How does one repair or replace?

Send an e-mail to info@honeyflow.com with your order number, photo of the problem and ask for help. They or @Freebee2 will help you out. :wink:

It happened to me too when my son was trying to help me assemble.

You can buy thin pieces of acrylic from any home improvement store very cheaply. My understanding is that Flow’s replacement windows are $10 plus shipping.

The exact dimensions of the window are not important but if you need to, just deeply score the acrylic with a utility knife and snap it over an edge. The store may do this for you if you are nice. Pre-drill the screw holes with the cover paper still on the acrylic - bee gentle! I used a countersink drill bit, but this probably isn’t totally necessary.

If you break it again, you’re only out a couple $$ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

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But a piece of acrylic the same thickness from a plastics supplier and cut to fit, drill new screw holes but do the whole job using light pressure as it is very brittle stuff to work with.
You could give Super Glue a try to repair the broken window.

Sorry to hear that @loganWHD
For any product queries you should find emailing info@honeyflow.com will get things sorted pretty swiftly.
(Keep coming to the Forum for great beekeeping tips and discussions though!)
Hopefully we’ve sorted the issue by now as I’ve only just seen this after a week off!
Feel free to PM me if I can help in any way :slight_smile: