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Building confidence is important


I have to say that after my ER visit from all the stings weeks ago, I was nervous to go into my own hives.

I wanted to share with other new beekeepers that if you have an incident to set yourself up for success and to try again.

Since the ER visit, two times I organized work in my hives with an experienced beekeeper (who is very calm). Building up confidence again was important.

I know there are many reasons why new beekeepers give up beekeeping after only one season. I won’t. :honeybee::sunflower::innocent::cherry_blossom:


Good job cowgirl, get back on the horse. :wink:
I know how you feel and it’s a great accomplishment getting through the barrier.
I remember getting my pot colony and after being stung multiple times, after dark, wearing my new Flowhive veil, after nearly passing out, returning home after a stop at a chemist for some antihistamines, setting up the hive in the dark and then running around the yard trying to get the bees away from me so I could get my jacket off and go to bed, all the time thinking what have I gotten myself into? Then, waking up in the morning, aching with my war wounds, going out to see the aftermath and seeing…

All that day, as I battled through work aching and itching, wondering and contemplating what the hell had I done and what was I going to do with the colony as it scared the hell out of me!!!

It still brings a smile to my face…

Giddy up.


@skeggley How is the pot hive doing?


On the other hand, if you keep messing with bees, you will get stung. I think being prepared for that sting is the right thing to do.


Confidence is definitely something i will need to work on!! I’m so new to it and doing anything on my own is scary!! I’ve got some people i can call on to help out in the early days though. I’ve never seen a pot colony - looks amazing!