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Built myself a box!


I do some deliveries to a caravan manufacturer and asked whether they have cut outs that are superfluous. “Sure, take as much as you like” So did lots of measuring and proceded to cut/stick/ glue the fiberglass sandwich board into something that the bees may like to call home. It’d be simple I thought. Yeah well. But then again I’ve seen or heard some of the weird places swarms call home. So it’s turned out ok. Very light and it’s cost me nothing. Zilch. All made out of scrap stuff. (Except for the beetle buster)
What does the forum think? Be kind now, it’s just a punt/prototype.


Hi Alan, It looks good for a prototype, Well thought out. Bet the bees will love the stable temperature with the insulated hive.
When do you go into mass production? :sunglasses:


Now I know all the measurements (taking into account the thicker panels) I can envisage cutting in half the manufacturing time. So now I could make one in 3 months. :rofl:


Well done Alan, I agree with @Peter48. cheers also