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Bula(Hello) From Fiji Islands

Hello Everyone & thank you for this powerful forum.

Im a newbie to all this but over the few months I have grown attached to the bee hive located above my room on the roof. The hive has been there for about 6 months or more and I haven’t done anything yet. Currently doing research to learn more about bee farming and came across Flow Hive Video on FB & I was really amazed and couldn’t wait to start a Bee Farm. Im located in the Capital “Suva” in the Fiji Islands.

I look forward to learning and gaining more knowledge from everyone. Your help & support in any way is really appreciated as I begin this new journey.

Thank you and may you all have a prosperous Year
God Bless

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Bula, look forward to hearing your journey in Suva.

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Welcome to the forum. Looks like a healthy bunch of ladies. Best thing you can do is find a local beekeeper or beekeeping club. It’s crazy how beekeeping 50 kilometers away can be completely different. Very weather and planet location specific. The sooner the better. They may need more room, among other needs. Cheers!

Bula Fred

Thank you very much for your response.