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Buying flowhive honey to singapore


Hi all, i am a honey lover and i had been trying out many types of honey from some of the country i had visited during tour. Most of the honeys that i had bought is actually a commercialize honey. Recently there are news stating that commercial honey are most likely a fake honey. Friends of mine who is expert in honey told me that some bee keeper feed the bees with sugar thus they can produce honey faster.

Since that i am located in Singapore, due to the dense population in Singapore, i am not able to keep my own honey bees. So i would like to try out the honey collected from flow hive. Do know that i am not a business man, tasting honey and eating honey is just part of a hobby and improve health.

So, i was wondering whether any bee keeper here willing to sell 1 to 2 bottles of honey to me so that i can have a taste of it?


Hi @rickysim84, “flowhive” honey is not going to taste any different to “traditional” honeysourced from the same area. It is the source of nectar for the honey that makes the big difference. The “flowhive” aspect is all about the method of extraction. With a flow hive you turn a key/handle and the honey flows out. With a traditional hive you have to spin the frames. If you think of it like water from a tap/faucet versus water from a bottle you will hopefully see what I mean - it’s just a different method of getting the end product.

The above being said, if you send me a private message I’d be happy to send you up some honey once it is confirmed it will get through Quarantine in both SG and AU; I’ve still got a small amount left over.

Finally, Singapore would actually be a good location for bees. Bees do quite well in urban environments because of the abundance of flowers, and in SG the typical challenge is stopping things from growing and not helping them grow! Your biggest challenge would probably be neighbours etc in whatever condo you live in (and confirming regulations/laws permit the keeping of bees). People have bees in dense urban environments in HK and JP so it certainly isn’t out of the question.


Hi @SnowflakeHoney, based on my understand of honey, it might taste a bit difference. Reason is that based on the traditional method where the honeycomb is crush to extract the honey, and by crushing it will generate some heat, the heat will destroy the enzyme inside the honey and cause it to adulterate. I ever bought a wild honey from the locals in malaysia and it is a very active honey. I can see bubbling near the top of the honey and the honey even contain dead bees inside. lol. For the tasting part, it tasted great and i can sense the burning sensation when i gulp down the honey without mixing any water.

For the bee keeping in singapore, it is due to the dense population of people in singapore, it is hard to be a bee keeper. If anyone along the way being sting by a bee, the government will come down hard to remove the bee hive. sigh. May be in the future i will migrate somewhere else to have my own small bee farm.

Btw Alan, how big is the honey that you have now? I will pay you the shipping cost to ship it to my place. I am eager to try out those honey :smiley: If i get addicted to it, i might order more in the future :smiley: Thanks.


ah btw, how to PM? i am super new on this forum.


Hey Ricky

If you have an Australian address I can send it there.
To Singapore wil have to look into it.


I sent him some last year. Australia Post. No issues. I think you just need to keep it under 5kg to avoid tax issues on the SG side.