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Flow Hives on AliExress (Alibaba's- version of Amazon)


Continuing the discussion from eBay flow frames:


Here is the link to the AliExpress listings:


These are probably the manufacturers that are selling on Ebay.


Yes it is the Taotuo People - Chinese Rip Offs Taotuo translates as “runaways” so they are not bashful about it


I really want to buy a kit from here but the shipping cost to my country is over 200 and the kit was send by DHL, that in my case his the worst Currier, in the past DHL makes me pay a lot of money to deliver the products, the Chinese offer free shipping, that is a Great advantage, I’m thinking there is another shiping method aviable , some local post, I don’t care about the transit time, I buy from other countries and I can wait 30 or 40 days.


Sorry for my English is not my language


Hi @Bernardo_Flores_S, DHL offered us one of the best deals on shipping, so I don’t think we can reduce the shipping any more than it is. I know the shipping can still be a bit expensive to some countries. What country are you in?

I would say do not buy one from ebay, amazon or aliexpress. They are not made buy us. From the photos they appear to have some inherent problems and you would never be sure they have used food grade plastics.


Thay may offer free shipping but the flow frame is made from what plastic… So your honey maybe contaminated from the plastic thay have used . Or buy the real flow frame and know your honey is safe to eat.

Your choice


Hi jake,

I think they even stole your pictures of the product. This is maybe an angle worth

persuing. DMCA notice? www.dmca.com

Isn’t that one of Cedars siblings (the girl on the picture)? I think this is … can’t really express in a appropriate way

Regards Dom

P.S. As with all these counterfeit products you will only get trouble out of it especially with food grade and other factors. If the plastic is not food-grade then maybe in summer when it’s hot your honey will adapt the odor from the plastic because it releases this chemical because its not food grade. Wouldn’t’ mess with that…


There is Aliprotect. A process for lodging a complaint. Maybde you can submit. Someone should copy all the listings from the different vendors (there is more than one) and then the complaint could be lodged.

Here the link I found:


Yes they have been cheeky using all of our images and manual. We are busy working on shutting down the fraudulent sellers. Hopefully not too many people get fooled by these.


Hopefully not, because if they are badly made and fail to function it will reflect badly on the actual product.

I can just hear it now, some yahoo orders from China, gets a knock off, uses it and comes to the beek meeting to tell everyone all about “How right they were that this was a foolish notion.”


I’m pretty sure you are correct. I see that sort of thinking all the time.


I suggest: Get on the forum, make a group of people in your country, give the Flow team some time to get over the initial rush and then agree a bulk shipment for the people in your country who can afford to wait a bit. Note that DHL shipments have been known to result in customs ripoffs in my country and normal seafreight through a normal forwarder can be quite reasonable. I cannot wait and have ordered 2 units. :smile: