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Can a New Queen get out the flow hive 2 entrance for mating flight?

First year beekeeper here!
I’m just curious, because the entrance to the flow hive 2 looks pretty narrow with the metal bottom screen in place. Is it possible for a new queen (if the time comes that the hive decides to produce a new queen) to fit out of the entrance for a mating flight?

Troy M

Welcome to the forum Troy, lots of reading a nice folks happy to pass on good advice and tips.
With the entrance of the of a Flow Hive2 as it is made there is no restriction at all to the queen or a drone which is a bigger bee in its width.
Most bee keepers restrict the entrance further for a few reasons, to make a smaller entrance to make it more defendable against attack or reduce the cold air flow onto the brood.
This is what I use. The metal entrance reducer is called a ‘mouse guard’. Here I use them as a ‘Cane Toad guard’. It can be removed and fitted upside down to lock all the bees inside but still gives good ventilation if you want to move the hive.
Each entry is 1/4" (6.5mm) wide and 3/8"(10mm) height, that is plenty of room for a queen to go through for her mating flight or when swarming. Drones are even wider than a queen and they can walk thru as well.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question.
Your hive in the picture is clearly not a Flow Hive2, but that’s a nice Toad guard you have there!
Thank you,
Troy M

No, that isn’t a Flow Hive, but the same advice still applies. The photo was just to explain the type of entrance reducer which I also have fitted to my Flow Hives.