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Caribbean bee keepers


Bring together our island homes in a group to share information, ideas and help each other in our very unique area.
Information on equipment suppliers.
Dealing with problems ,pest and diseases.
Any helpful tips and ideas to keep us keeping better.


My name is Stuart. I am an Australian living in the Dominican Republic.
I currently over see Taino Farm, we are striving to become a sustainable farm within our community. Both using local resources and knowledge with aquaponics, organic gardening and permaculture practices to feed ourselves and supply local restaurant with our seasonal produce.
We see educational tours as a big part of what we do for both locals and tourist, to share information on our food production, why we do things in certain ways and how can we all best contribute to better farming principles.

We currently have 8 bee hives and have placed an order for 1 flow hive to start.
My knowledge of bee is limited to helping my father when I was young, so I rely on our local head farmer as he has taken care of the bee for some years now.
Looking forward to finding out who is in the area and how they best manage the hives.


Hello Stuart,

Glad to read that there is a beekeeping practice ! And that you will be using Flow Hive on our Caribbean Island.
My name is Marc
I’m Canadian, living 6-8 months per year in Haiti. I help locals to improve their quality of life in 3 villages where I’m hosted by a family. I dedicate my life to bridge knowledge, how-to and tools from the North to the South; and foster sustainable living community developement projects; using friendship, gender equality, concertation, peace, solidarity, dignity as a way of life.

This year Petit-Goâve, Haiti farmers association will start 4 bee hives.
We are extremely poor. They hardly eat once a day.
I will help them by collecting stories and how-to from beekeepers farm around Petit-Goâve for few weeks. We might have few things to talk about.

I looked on the map. You are 3 days travel from my place.
Who knows what life brings. We might end up seeing each other
Are you full time on the island ?

Last year I have spent quite some time creating with locals a fruit farm.
Collecting the right seeds and co-creating a greenhouse, etc.
For now we are happy about the results.
The community schools now give the pupils some fruits and help them to grow, study and enjoy life.

I read that you already have 8 bee hives.
How is it going ? Are you the one who look after it ?
What learning curve have you been through this year ?

Do you have electricity on your farm ? how do you get that electricity ?
Does that help with aquaponics ?
Can you imagine aquaponic system solar panel powered ?
Any experience with that ?

In solidarity,