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Cooperation opportunities in New Orleans, LA


Hi there.

I am about to establish a community garden on my neighbors lot, and want to eventually install one or two flowhives for urban honey production, but that is when I get the funding for the next stage of the project. In the meantime, I would be excited to get in touch with people in or around New Orleans who are currently using flowhives, and if it is of interest to anyone, offer a free location for place flowhives until we are able to get our own. I would like to have a beehive or more (i don’t know if there is a capacity issue here) to support the community garden with adequate pollination etc.

I would also like to discuss purchasing flowhive honey from existing producers, if anyone are offering that at this time.

Looking forward to seeing if there is anyone out there with other thoughts of mutually beneficial partnerships, and would like to discuss it.

Have a good one all.


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Maybe even start by cooping with a local bee keeper, so you can learn the trade while you work on the garden. I like the idea of the community garden a lot. Best of luck to you.


Hi Dexter*, thanks for writing me.

If I knew even the first thing about beekeeping, I’m sure that would be the way to go, but for now I am hoping someone in the area who knows more than I do would be interested in advising and consulting, i suppose, in exchange for a free location, and possibly part of the produced honey, or whatever shape such a partnership may take depending on the persons interests.

I will take your advice on setting up a basic hive and approaching the flow system step by step, so to speak, if I can find the information and supplies I will need for that. I am looking for beekeping courses in the area. Thanks again for hte feedback.


Hi Adagna.

Yes, that would be optimal. While the garden is coming together I am hoping to make a connection to someone around here who has interest in and skills to help the project.