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Cedar Flow Hive 2 empty weight

I think this question may have been asked before so please point me in the correct direction if you can find the old thread…

I am looking to find the weight of a WRC 7 frame Flow Hive 2 brood box (x2), 20 drawn frames, Flow stand with leg kit, inner cover, roof… Should have weighed them before putting the bees in but I didn’t (don’t) have any idea what I am doing so…

What do you estimate the weight of a empty but fully drawn foundation less frame is?


@Freebee2 - do you have this info?

I would have to take a guess at the drawn frames but will have the weights for the individual hive components - will grab that for you now :slight_smile:

I’m going to take a guess at 2kg per fully drawn frame. Would love to know how this compares to other guesses (or if anyone has proper info on this).

The 2 brood boxes would weigh about 5.5 kg each. The stand with leg kit, about 4 kg, inner cover about 1.1 kg, roof maybe 2.6 kg - so all up I’m getting around 58.7 - would be interesting to know how close this is! Hope my guesses help a bit.

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Sorry 2kg is a guess for a full frame - so maybe a kg or less if empty…

@Bianca what are your thoughts on this one?

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A fully drawn but empty brood frame wouldn’t weigh much more than an empty one. I’d say 1.5kg.

If sull of honey it would be much heavier, up to 2.5 - 2.8 kg and a little less for a frame full of brood or bee bread.

I hope this helps.

@skeggley did you weigh your hive prior to putting on your scales or after empty?


Empty Flow supplied foundationless frame with comb guide is 212g.

Same deep frame with waxed plastic foundation is 435g

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