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Size and weight of the box


Would anyone be able to provide me with the measures and the weigh of the box that the full hive is delivered in? I need to fwd it to my dad in another European country and need to find the cheapest way of sending it. Thanks!


We calculate the shipping for you automatically when you go through the checkout, depending on which country your are shipping to.
We use DHL and due to the large quantities, we have been able to negotiate up to 50% off the normal shipping costs.
If however you still wish to know the weight of the (cedar hives):

Frame boxes –

Depth - 54cm, Width - 36cm, Height – 27cm

Hive boxes -

Depth - 66cm, Width - 52 cm, Height - 21cm

Approximate total weight with frames – 21.5kg


Hi Bojan

Have you considered having the product shipped directly to your Dad. Would save the double shopping costs for you.


Thanks for the quick replies. Yes, I have considered direct delivery to Sweden but as the duty and VAT are higher there than here in Luxembourg and since I don’t won’t my dad to see the price of the Christmas gift I though that it would be better to have it sent directly to me. I am anyhow not sure that it is the right/best choice. :smile:


Hi Faroe, about the same topic,
i’m interested to order:

  • One Flow™ Hive (Classic Cedar 6 Frame)
  • ONe Flow™ (Frame Classic 6)
    but i would like to know in advance wich is the size and weight of the boxes of that order


According to UPS, my package weighs 32 pounds without the Flow frames (just the wood and plastic hive parts).