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Central Texas Flow Hivers?

So, you have a second deep for brood. Is that correct? When did you add the flow super? Did you use the queen excluder? Are you feeding them on top of the flow box?
Sorry, just wanting some general guidance on what has worked for other Central Texans. Thanks.

Hopefully not. I never feed with a honey super on the hive. :blush:

Where in Grayson County? I’m in Aubrey on 15 acres. We have a bee colony in an oak tree and wonder if its possible to get them to relocate into a Flow Hive. Would love to meet someone with some experience.

Harvested four of the frames last weekend.

Seems like there is resistance from the experienced bee keepers but still like what I am seeing. Experiences seem to be all over the map from it’s great to they don’t work!


Are yall still active? I just set up my flowhive and looking to get started. I’m in NW Austin and looking to connect with others nearby!

@psyched123 --> can you tell me about this feeder? Is it dripping sugar/water into the top of the super?

Yes. I’m still active. However, I lost my two hives this winter and have bought four for this spring along with putting my name in for catching swarms.

Only feed when they are aggressively taking it. It will drip into the hive if they aren’t wanting it but never when they are actively feeding.

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I’m in Austin TX if anyone nearby wants to meet up. I’m stumbling through the learning process.

Just a side note, you should never have a feeder in place if you have a super on the hive. Unless you like bee-processed syrup in your harvest rather than real honey… :blush:

I just harvested my first 2 gallons of honey yesterday. My second flow hive will probably be harvested next weekend. Love it!

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new beekeeper in brazos county and just order a flow super for next spring! Can’t wait to try it

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