Complete newby in Central Texas

My wife and I assembled our first flow hive this week. We don’t get our bees until the end of the first week in May. A bit of a late start from what I understand. But looking forward to the adventure.

We live just outside of Belton, TX.

Great to hear, recently let a couple daughters of my wife’s coworker 4-H club put 2 hives on my 20 acers. Getting close to retirement and we have both had an interest in getting bees on my land. Would like to keep in touch and see how it goes

I think @Martydallas is not too far from you, although he may be the other side of DFW. Hopefully he will chime in and can help with local bee clubs/mentors, should you need any. :wink:

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What can I help with? I just gave a talk at the Collin County be club Monday night. Basically a year in review and covered a lot of things I’ve learned and still learning. Talked for almost an hour and then had questions after getting offstage for the next hour after that. I guess I have learned a lot :slight_smile: really enjoy helping others. Being willing to learn and try new things is always a good thing in life.

Being a new beekeeper, be sure to move your NUC into your box, do not put your flow frames on top. The girls need to be busting at there seems an box number 1 before possibly putting another brood box on top. Now that’s going to be totally up to you in your area, most people in Texas run at least 2 brood boxes and one honey super which is your flow frames. So when you hear honey super just substitute in your mind flow frames.

Side note, my last day with my current firm will be tomorrow, Thursday resigned 2 weeks ago had issues here I did not care for. Had a number of job offers, for an old man I’m told that’s pretty good to still be wanted at this age :slight_smile:

Enjoy taking weekend motorcycle trips, so if I can be of help or suggest anything let me know.


Just did a search to see where you’re located, you’re almost 3 hours from me and 3 1/2 hours from my mentor. My mentor this coming weekend will be wax dipping many new boxes and parts. We are wax dipping parts instead of using paint or tung oil, it’s reported to hold up longer than tung oil without having to reapply. We will see over time.

Absolutely remember do not apply any paint or tung oil in side the hive only apply to paint or tung oil to the outside areas bees do not necessarily touch, landing strip is okay you just do not want to suffocate them.

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Cowgirl, Marty,

I used Tung oil on the exterior, none on the interior. I will be painting the roof today.
I have lots of questions but will ask a bit later as I’m in a time pinch this morning.


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Hi! I’m in Dallas and have just completed my first year as a beekeeper as well. During Year 1, I spent most of my time learning and building up to two strong boxes before FINALLY putting on my Flow Hive super this past weekend (April 8). My initial advice is to take things slow. I read a lot online (especially Michael Bush and some of the apiary science departments at universities). You will find that there are differing opinions on nearly every aspect of beekeeping. You will find that your head gets full of conflicting advice, so try to focus on your own bees and the environment around you. I have been very conservative (i don’t feed except for the very first 30 days, i don’t treat for any disease/pests and I am a pretty infrequent “hive-checker”) - my trust is in the bees to do what they need to do to be successful. Who knows, I might change my mind if something starts to go really wrong, but so far so good. Welcome! PS - I’m still looking forward to meeting Marty someday. He and I have shared our insights together off and on.