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Anyone in San Antonio have a Flow Hive?


We are still learning and watching videos and would love to connect with other Flow Hive-ers!


I am in San Antonio but do not have the flow hive system yet I am faithful student at this time. I have been attending the Alamo Area Beekeepers Association, meetings for most of this year and there are several members there that have the flow hives and I have found the group in general to be very open minded towards the flow hive. ([http://www.alamobees.org] The even had one on display during their field day a few months ago. Check them out.


In Dallas here, yes a long ways away from San Antonio. Always nice to connect with other like-minded people i.e. flow framers. I’ve gotten most of my experience and learning from an old-time beekeeper that knows nothing about flow frames. There is nothing different about beekeeping at all other than the actual harvesting. There is a lot to learn with getting your bees through winter and potential diseases. Definitely recommend if you have not connect with local be club and take some classes and/or get a mentor.


I’ll look into the Association. I really want to take a class before we start.


I would highly suggest you try to find a mentor. You will learn more from a mentor then taking a straight out class.

For some advanced classes and information, I have been taking classes with Ken in Oklahoma. Very good instructor, it’s all classroom setting no hands on. You would get your hands on the idea your mentor.

I have talked with several people that have taken some local classes and their knowledge level and my knowledge level are dramatically different. I have yet to have any major issues with my bees, they have had several. They did not know what a screen bottom board was, nor did they understand high beetles and or mites.

Having a mentor someone you can actually go out and help several weekends would be of major benefit.


Howdy from Austin area. I got my first flow hive two months ago. My hive is about five feet away from our privacy fence so I can “keep an eye” on them every day through knot holes in our fence. I am a little concerned about bearding going on in the every evenings in this hot weather. I read an article about ventilating the top inner cover with screening to allow more air flow in the summer and I am thinking about trying to build something like that. They get afternoon shade but it is still 100 degrees around here in August.

I bought the 7 frame version (10 frame Langstroth). They are busy bees! Already storing sector in the flow super though I hear that it takes them longer to fill it up the first time with having to fill in all the gaps in the plastic comb with wax.

There is a guy south of you in Somerset at The Bee Place, very knowledgeable. I bought my nuk from him and took his basics class that helped me a bunch to get started. Check out his web site: http://www.thebeeplace.com


Yes! Just got my Flow Hive 2 today. Not planning on starting a hive yet. I’m going to wait until early next year. Time to learn. Any suggestions? I’d love to find a mentor around here. Thanks!