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Anyone in Dallas Fort Worth


New bee person here have 3 flow hives and just got my bees 2 days ago. I am already in love with my bees! Amazing little things​:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:.


Yes there is a number of us. I’m at Frankford in the tollway


Awesome I’m on the boarder of Mansfield and Burleson off 287. Are you new like me or have you kept bees before?


NEW!! :grinning: I went to my first class about a year ago. then started my going to my local bee club. I leave in the city of Dallas, but in Collin County. So I go to the Collin county bee club. Vary good and BIG about 200+ each mouth. Vary well organize and a month publish agenda.

I installed my NUC March 12. Did it by my self and so far everything about my hive. I got a second brood box. I installed my Flow frames about 2 weeks ago now. They are dooing great. Just saw last night the first fluid in the flow frame. Going to look more today.


Howdy! I’m in Dallas proper (Knox/Henderson area) and installed my first bee package on 4/30. I have inspected the hive twice. First was on day 5 to ensure queen had escaped her candy cage and then at the end of week two to observe that comb was being built. All systems go (they seem) right now!


WOW, close to my office. would really like to see sometime. I walk down that way for lunch sometime just to get out and walk. if your ever available that would be great to meet up and chat. trade shop stories.

here is a small video I did yesterday.


Hi Marty -

I’m planning to go back into the hive at the end of June which will be an 8 week inspection. would be glad to show you my set-up. I’m still a beginner but continue to learn every day.

Cool video btw.


Let me know, Yes if I can would like to meet up and see. Just got back tonight from Conroe TX where the Texas beekeeping clinic was heald. Vary good Clinic lots I learned


8 weeks, everyone in the clinic new and old said from early spring to fall you would go into the hive every 2 weeks at a min.


We’re about 20 miles east of downtown and attend the Trinity Valley Beekeeper’s Club when we can (they meet 2nd Tuesday of the month).

Have met Marty when we dipped our hives a month or two ago and will probably attend his club meeting sometime just to get a different networking opportunity. Great guy.

Glad to see more folks from DFW on the forum!


I’m in Dallas (Rowlett) and I have two full 8 frame boxes of bees. I put a Bee Weaver package in on May 18th and they have been going strong ever since. I have been feeding them the whole time but I was thinking I might stop and put their flow frames on. Is that Ok to do in August?


I would stop feeding them, but I would ask your local beekeepers about putting a super on top.

Don’t mention “Flow” super, just ask about supering at this time of year. Most people would say “don’t do it” at this time of year in the US. However, we have had extraordinary monsoons in the south west, and rains in some areas, so your local guys may tell you to go for it.

If you don’t get any advice from locals, I would not put the super on. Wait for next year. :blush:


Thanks Dawn! I think i will try to take the feed off and maybe add another box so they can keep growing before fall. Thoughts?



Sounds good. If they haven’t used it by September, you could just take it off. You could do that with the Flow super too, if you wanted. Make sure you spread a bit of burr comb on the Flow frame faces if you decide to try it. It speeds up the acceptance of the plastic enormously.



Sorry for just now seeing your post. I work in downtown Dallas. I have my hives at my home in far North Dallas, Frankford and the Tollway. Depending on where you are, i.e. major residential area or out of the country is whether or not you would want to put your flow frames on at this time.

In the city/major metropolitan area. I don’t think you would have a problem. If you’re in the country, there’s a flower that everybody calls snow on the Prairie that the bees really really like, but people don’t :slight_smile: it is really bitter and not good to taste. I would not want that to taint your honey for next year.

Also think about what you’re going to do with the box. Once you remove it for winter. You will not want to leave it on over winter. Because you won’t want to clean up into the flow frame system and you will not want to leave the Queen exclude or on either. Leaving the Queen exclude on, the bees could leave the Queen behind moving upward into the flow frames and the Queen would die.

I bought $137, freezer box at Cosco. I keep all my flow frames in it over winter only after harvesting one last time before putting the boxes in the deep-freeze. I’m just now completing my third year with the flow frame system.

This year I harvested nearly 120 pounds off of one hive.

If I can help any. Please let me know, again, sorry for just now seeing this post.


I m in Ellis County and just ordered my first flow h>'ve due to arrive in Nov. I’m trying to get some information before it arrives.


What info do you need? Other than everything there is to know about beekeeping! :wink: Hopefully you know that November will be too late in the season to start a hive, however it is a good time to order a nucleus if you want one, or get on a list for a good package if you go that way.

It is also great if you can join a local bee club right now, and get yourself educated by them if you don’t have any experience. Just don’t mention a “Flow” hive - call it a Langstroth, because that is what it is. Once you know how friendly they are to the idea of Flow hives, you can spill the beans later if needed.


I am more than happy to help start answering your questions feel free I have already help mental a few got my first flow frames about three years ago. This is my end of my third successful season.

November is a good time to start getting it all togetter. you can get it put together and get the spot in your yard all set up and be sure to order your nuc in November or December, if not now for deliver in March.


Thank you so much, can you suggest a God place to look for nucs?


Thank you for your help,