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Chinese Companies Selling the FlowHive BE AWARE


Looks to me as if the round holes are where the bees are capping…


Even those bees look shady to me.


Zoyks… what a mess. You’re right, the cells at the right are in the open position, while those on the left are closed… this can happen when the key is inserted only part way into the opening and activated. The bees are actively protesting with a three dimensional public art display. The only way they even had room to construct that comb is if this frame is placed with too much space around it.

Yoy… quite strange indeedy…


Follow the cells back up you can see they progressively get further and further out of alignment until they are in the full open position. This is purely shoddy Chinese engineering nothing else


Hi bro !

Shady true n unpecting “want a :honeybee:keepers” are just sucker enough to take the BAIT ! Many people see a deal not to truth each year on all kinds of items pumped out of China n other countries that are fake ! They learn expensive lessons way too late ! The Chinese do it because they know it works adverizing n trying because they’re a “Sucker” born everyday as my mom use to say !! Sad but true !

Have a great weekend. I’m off to a small :honeybee:Festival with some of my Vietnamese famy !
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@Faroe They are up to it again:


this is a very clear trade mark infringement- not to mention the patents… I assume the flow name is trademarked in the USA? They are calling their knock off frames ‘Flow frames’- clear attempt deceive as to the origin and quality of the goods… .

An immediate ‘cease and desist’ letter is in order :wink: Policing Trade Mark violations is a game of ‘Whack a Mole’.


Thanks, I will forward this on to our legal team. They are continually working on shutting down the fakes. They don’t seem to be worried about legal repercussions do they?


The Seller has 98% positive feedback… at this point you may just assume they are unstoppable.

As are fake RayBan and Oakly sunglasses knock offs. Companies in China, Korea and Turkey will just continue to operate in the realm of bad copies and it will simply be up to the consumer to make sure they are purchasing an authentic item.

The only entity that can challenge an Ebay listing, is the copyright owner or patent originator. Even the Disney Company cannot keep up with copyright/trademark infringement on Ebay, so you can guess, it’s more than difficult.


Don’t be deterred by their seeming indifference to threats of legal action. Continue with the threats- at the very least it will bug them- and it demonstrates an active defense of Flow Intellectual property rights which is important… :wink:

@Frederick_J_Dunn whilst they may be unstoppable- you can certainly stop them in their tracks on eBay. If Flow use the ebay Vero sytem- ebay will remove the listings. The flow product is still relatively rare so ‘whacking the moles’ when they pop up will be easier than with more ubiquitous brand items. As you say only the rights owner can get action on ebay: I dobbed in the above ebay listing a few days ago using there supposed system for the public and as of today it is still there.


As a loyal customer to Flow, I too have done my bit and dobbed in plenty of times to Ebay. I see that ebay don’t remove them so I just give up altogether. I have other battles in life to deal with so I move on and concentrate on the others.


And NOW, another Asian Company actually posted their video on three of my honey bee videos.

Check This Out my Flow Hive Friends… and so it begins…

SIDE NOTE: I have blocked this YouTube channel from posting on any of my videos.


Hi there,

And there you can see the differences! I would never buy a copy, although I think that for mass professional beekeeping they could never use FlowHive because the costs involved with mass buying. But that’s me talking…

On the other hand this video above shows what someone could expect for this kind of “copy”:



I’m actually comforted to know that the copy is a complete failure… serves them right in my opinion.


Another FlowHive Company on Amazon.com The hive body looks completely different than those from Flow, I actually posted the question, asking if this is the FlowHive with FlowFlowframes and they replied that it is a “real” FlowHive…

My question is, is this legit? Or is it another copycat using the FlowHive fame to market their own knockoff?



I think they’re fakes. The Flow team stated the only place to get genuine Flow Frames was on this website or Indiegogo, there are no 3rd party distributors.

Also…how much?! That’s just greedy.


They may just be producing the wood ware and buying the frames from Flow retail and marking them up for profit. Either way, not worth the risk to find out.


With a description like;
"The bees barely notice nothing at all."
You’ve got to scratch your head… :eye roll:


Just realised it’s 7 frame. This kit may be to accommodate those people who want the full hive set up in standard 10 frame langstroth boxes instead of the 8 the full flow hive ships in.


All of my flowhives are the 7 flowframe/ 10 frame standard equivalent anyway… maybe Flow has answers on this one?


I wasn’t aware of them selling the full hive in 10 frame sizing (only the flow super), didn’t see it on the Australian web store, maybe I need to take another look.