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Come on now, you've all smoked. How high have 'you' really been?


Well, semblance of any type of sanity may be on the line here. My sister in law, lives in the Mountains high above Palm Springs/Palm Desert. A neighbor of hers placed an owl box in a pinion pine tree about 40-50ft. off the ground. It was taken over by bee’s. It’s available. I’m 57 and can still climb and have almost no fear of heights, but don’t move like I did in my 20’s. How high would you or have you gone to smoke a box of bee’s? (box on right branch) In reality, falling anything over 20’ could mean a permanent dirt nap. So, how far have you gone? Right now it’s a 50/50 whether or not I’m doing it. I’m good buddies with Jesus so no issues other than leaving my wife with a seriously overstuffed garage of junk. Your thoughts?


I’m 59 I’d tie myself off and go for it.
I too am a friend of Jesus, but still love wife , grandchildren. Go slow… you’ll have something to talk about. Share photos too.


My opinion:
As long as I’m sure the fall would kill me painlessly and instantly, I’d go for it.


Oh come on Red Hot, what would be the fun in that? LOL


Hi Dusty, forget about the smoke. If it’s possible to mount the box, it’ll be possible to dismount it. Hang a rope over a higher branch, tie the box securely, then dismount it & lower it down to half way. Try to tie it so it hangs the same way. Leave it half way for a day, then lower it the rest of the way the following day. Then you’ll be able put into practice all of the lessons you learned last week. Tell them not to mount the box so high next time:)


Hi Jeff. Would mounting a replacement box be an equivalent with the same rope trick? If I do go ahead with it should I lower it at night and then tape the entry shut or ??? Thanks again!


Yeah well, if you’re able to take the box n’all, I’d tie it all up during the afternoon while you can see what you’re doing, lower it half way down & then see if the returning bees find the new location, wait til dark, then lower it to the ground. A lot of bees will probably come out while you’re doing that. I don’t think they’ll fly, they’ll just walk all over the box. Just smoke them back in. Close it up & take it home. Then the next day or so, you can transfer the bees into a bee box, using the empty frame & elastic band trick.


50 feet?

See if you can talk the local fire brigade into lending a ladder truck. A few crates of beer? Or a cherry picker. Or whoever put that box all the way up there. Failing all that the least you could do is clear up that garage a bit before you head up that tree…

Oh and BTW- if you do fall- you’ll find all of a sudden you move just like a 20 year old again… but only for about 2.5 seconds.

And p.p.s for God’s sake man: next time find a hive somewhere easy. I caught a swarm last year 6 ft up in a wall cavity- put a nuc box and they all just moved right in- even the queen. It was as we say ‘a piece of piss’


I was thinking cherry picker too.
Funny about the cartons of beer as payment for the local fire brigade :slight_smile: We used to do that too when we had to light some bomb-fires and they were required to attend :slight_smile:


Please tell us you’ll get this one on video…


I’m an EMT / EMS Captain … let me know if you get hurt. Oh, BTW, I am in NY so my response time may be extended. Just try to hold on and I will be there eventually.


@lipinsky. Not to worry I’m used to long waits by civil service. I could crawl to a hospital before an EMT arrived at this spot. LOL Feeling the love.


Late to the party here, and I don’t see any updates Dusty!? Obviously it’s moot by now, but don’t forget about your friendly neighborhood tree guy next time :sunglasses::chipmunk:


Hi Eva, thank you for reminding me not to leave this episode unfinished. By the time the man on whom’s property the bee’s were on was willing to agree to have them removed, the bee’s had absconded. Didn’t have to risk my neck after-all. LOL