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I'm in China, I want to buy your flow hive

I’m in China, I want to buy your flow hive.But the logistics is too slow.Do you have any agent in China? If there’s not, how can I be your Chinese Area agent? Do you have any requirement?


The logistics and quite speedy and you will receive a new hive within a short space of time.

Flow hive。。。 Is it suitable for oriental bees?

Hi Kuixin,
When you say oriental bees, are you referring to “Apis Cerana”? If so, I am not sure if any testing has been done with a Flow hive and Cerana. Would be worth asking a technical bee specialist on farming Cerana, my understanding is that Cerana is difficult to farm due to the nature to swarm easily. Most chinese use european honeybees for honey production.

Yes, is “Apis Cerana”。But I want to use it to keep Apis Cerana.

Hi, if you would like delivery to China you just need to contact customer support through our contact page:
Please include your shipping name, address and telephone number for delivery.

Flow has been testing the Flow Frames in Japan with the species Apis cerana japonica. It seems to be working okay. They got their first harvest of 800g, which is apparently good for the Japanese honey bee.
We don’t have a lot of feedback though, and I’m not sure if it is the same bee in China.

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Japanese bees are larger