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Modified Flow Hive for Apis Cerana

I’ve read some of the stories on here about using flow technology with Apis Cerana, particularly in Japan. The video lecture by Paulsen Maria Ishii in particular was very interesting. I’m looking into acquiring a colony in Vietnam and situating it on a rooftop in the busy suburbs of Saigon, which should be full of various flowers. I understand Flow don’t make hives suited to these bees but you can make shortened frames for standard A Cerana boxes? Can you explain a little about the measurements, requirements and modifications necessary for such a setup as well as a guide to pricing?

You can send your query to info@honeyflow.com, or perhaps @Freebee2, @Bianca or @KieranPI can point you in the right direction. :wink:

Hi @Joshua_Cromarty

I think it’s a great idea that you’re exploring the idea of keeping bees on a rooftop in Saigon. I believe there are already other beekeepers in Vietnam who are keeping Apis Cerana bees with Flow Hive. Due to privacy reasons Flow’s unable to share their details with you.

Some things to consider include:

Flow Frames are compatible with any subspecies or breed of Apis mellifera (Western/European honey bee) that is amenable to being maintained in a removable frame Langstroth hive.

The Flow Hive is managed in the same way as a regular removable-frame hive. The Flow super is the same dimensions as a Langstroth deep super and the only difference is in the ease of harvesting honey from the Flow Super.

Flow Frames have been successfully used with Apis cerana japonica in both full-sized Flow Hive and a half-size pile box hive (the style typically used in Japan).

In essence, if there is a history of domestication with your local bees, there is a good chance they will take to the Flow Frames.

See this page for Adaptation of the Flow Hive for Japanese honey bee - Research & Development – Flow Hive US

Special half-size Flow Frames can be purchased with Flow, please get in touch with the team to enquire if you’re interested at info@honeyflow.com.

I hope this helps.

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