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Complete Founding Supporter 2015 6 Flow WRC for sale


Reluctant sale of beautiful, new, unused, assembled hive in Darwin NT. Landlord won’t allow it after a year of “perhaps”. Western Red Cedar. Same price as new, delivered in Darwin. Can investigate postage if interstate. Tx ok. 0428226357


Rich, wish it was the wider 10 frame Langston set up. Love the contrasting tones of woods. Bummer ! Guess I’ll have to pass on this awesome looking Fliw-hive setup. My wife would kill me … I’ve just invested in building three pine hive setups n one double cedar 10 frame setups.

Wish ya luck. I am guess there’s a lot folks closer that are interested n looking too. Just wait … I am only the first that has written but guess more have seen your note n pix !

Take care,

Gerald from Washington State.


Cheers Gerald. Too far for sure! A happy tropical family with an Orchard picked it up today. We’ve no mites nor most other bee diseases here so it’s a great place for bees :slight_smile: