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1 x Cedar Flow Hive + 1 x Langstroth 10 beehive For Sale: Central Coast, NSW, Australia


I have to move and I can’t see the bees coming with me. It’s an original investor hive with a second brood box. Included is another hive 10 frame hive. Plus smoker tools and any thing I have that is bee related. The hive is strong. I’m at Tumbi Umbi we get flow here all year round. The Brood boxes have a lot of brace comb and honey. So inspections can be a mess.
$1100 Sorry the second hive has no bees.


Hi Harry,

Sounds like 2 Full colonies (2 hives) for the $1.100… correct n extra equipment. Is second hive double deep set as well ?

I’m way too far away to take care of such a deal as I live in the Northern U.S. here … It’s winter :snowflake:️ time for my girls.

Sorry you have to give up your “GIRLS”… Bees are kind of a hobby n therapy for me ! Good luck :four_leaf_clover: n take care.


P.S. why don’t you take one or two pix’s n post … a visual pix could be help n encourage someone to buy your hives. Just a thought :thought_balloon:!


Te second hive is empty. So for the misunderstanding.


Some photos might help you sell them :slight_smile: